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fainting goats

Fainting Goats

We started out raising Pygmy goats and then added some Boer goats. I then found out about the Fainting goat and just had to have one. Well one has turned into a herd of over 30, not including our 4 bucks!

Since being introduced to the Fainting goat breed we decided that these are the only type of goats we want to raise.  In our experience with three different
breeds of goats the Fainting goat seems to be the easiest to keep penned in. They are by far the most colorful goats around and each one seems to have its own personality.  Some faint readily, yet others seem to have formed some sort of resistance to it. I have, on more than one occasion, seen one of
our cows playing with a goat and then make it faint.

Fainting goats are listed as threatened with The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. This means that globally there are less than 5000 of these fascinating goats.   All of our Myotonic goats are registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry.

our billy goats

This is Green Acres Village
Roosevelt. We call him Lightning.
He was born in 2013.

This is our new moon spotted buck, Bullet

our nanny goats

This is Timberside Farms Midnight. She is out of Moon.

Becky's Goat

This is Timberside Farms Risen. She is out of Peaches.

Becky's Goat


Becky's goat

This is Timberside Farms Gold. She is out of Girly.

Becky's Goat

This is Annamaria.

Becky's Goat


Becky's Goat

This is Louise.

Becky's Goat

This is Luna

Becky's Goat

This is Maya

Becky's Goat

This is Timberside Farms Kaylee.

She is out of Kay.

This is Timberside Farms Whitetip.  





This is TImberside Farms Scarlet. She is out of Lindsey.

Becky's Goat

This is Timberside Farms Penelope. She is out of Girlie and Lightning

Becky's Goat

This is Timberside Farms Nala

Becky's Goat


Beach Ball


This is Timberside Farms Peaches.   

This is Timberside Farms Maddie

This is Timberside Farms Jacklyn.

She is out of .

This is Timberside Farms Clover.    She is out of Fawn.



This is Olivia.

She was born in 2009.

This is Timberside Farms Joy.    She is out of Grace.

This is Timberside Farms Fiona.    She is out of Moon.

Trevor's goat



Beauty, Thunder, 1-20-2015



Ashley and Lightning


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